Yungas, Bolivia, 2023

Cocaleros is an ongoing project on bolivian coke culture.


The apocalypse, the catastrophe, has already arrived in the Yungas, and has been undeterred since 1492, a date that marks the beginning of a process of radical upheaval for America that has not yet ended. Which includes the end of empires, eras and cultural processes which, cascading, lasted for at least 13,000 years and which constitute the backbone that fuses the whole continent together. These processes, broken by global culture, are lost in the mists of time but often emerge, as in this case, from the dense jungle that covers the earth and protects men.

Cocaleros live suspended, waiting for their announced end, on that line that separates the new ways from the old ones, the life of the ancestors from that of the businessman who arrived from the Ocean. On the same sterile and modernity-contaminated line that we have chosen and continue to choose to go beyond.

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